So, what is the portable jukebox? I got the idea for it several years ago. I first started to DJ back in 1995, and called myself "The Singing Disc Jockey". I sang all of the songs and that made it difficult to take requests. I made little forms for people to fill out to make their song requests on, and drop them in a box for me to pick up. I thought that it would be better for people to select from a portable jukebox. So, I worked on it, and came up with my own version. I worked as an Electronic Technician for 25 years, and that came in handy in designing and building it. It has a 3 character display that I designed myself, using 12 segments for each character. Numeric displays have 7 segments and alpha-numeric uses at least 14 segments. This meant that I could use all numbers, but not all of the letters of the alphabet, so, I picked out the ones I could use and came up with 27 characters. I took a computer keyboard apart and rearranged the characters to the approximate location that they would be on the computer keyboard. Each song has a 3 character identification number. The first 2 characters are the disc number, and the third character is the number of the song on the disc. When someone selects a song, the number shows up on the display next to the keyboard, and also on a remote unit that I can see. I jot the number down, and reset it so they can continue selecting songs. A picture of the portable jukebox is shown to the left, and an enlarged view of the key-board and display is shown below. I started phazing out singing the songs back in 2000 and having all oldies songs, and called it "Oldies Express". I now have more than 1000 songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's to choose from. The response from people - they absolutely love it. Now they can pick the songs, instead of the DJ. Truely "A Blast With The Past".