Keith Burroughs is the owner of KB Musicman and is a singer, song-writer, guitarist & mandolinist, formerally employed as a Music Assistant for Hospice. He has many years of experience providing music for Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Memorial services, Funerals; and music programs for Nursing Homes and other special events.
Keith provides a wide range of musical entertainment services that many people and organizations can benefit from, including:
OLDIES EXPRESS - Disc Jockey service featuring songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's, all selectable from an exclusive portable jukebox.
SOLOIST - Available for Funerals, Memorial Services and other special events.
MUSIC PROGRAMS - Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time music presentations for nursing homes, organizations and groups.
SINGING TELEGRAMS - Elvis-grams or Sinatra-grams that are delivered to a home, work place or resturaunt. One song or the new 10 song Extreme Elvis-gram
MUSIC THERAPY - Keith offers music to patients and residents of nursing homes and hospitals.

This is a picture of a former music studio. I had a computer on a desk and had to keep switching over to another computer. So I decided to have both computers set up, and came up with this arrangement. Each computer has different tasks and I have duplicate files on both computers just in case one crashes. Between the computers is my music production center. There I have an 8 track portable studio, tone generator, reverb unit, a 4 track recorder that I use as a mixing board and a stereo amp